Out of all the nights that night came,
When a girl was ready to win fame,
For her eternal desire she started her row,
Supporting and stopping were friends and foe.

Hiting the sky,her expectations were high
Ready was she,without any sigh.

But nature was against her will
She lost everything and was a nill
Depression,was her entire work
Didn’t work was her luck.

Leaving everything she stood up again
Started her journey like winner of a game
Smiled the flowers,danced the clouds
She was happy again singing loud.

Due to empowerment of hope
She was ready to cope,
The evils of life
The failures of height.

Everything was fine as the start
Credit goes to her will,hope and art.


Never loose Hope

Desires are countless. With every passing day our desire continue to increase.Some wishes come true while others don’t. The wishes which come true brings happiness while others make us sad and gloomy.

People often complain about the things they don’t have. They never thank for all the blessings that they enjoy. Isn’t that unjust?

In my opinion,people should not loose hope if they failed to get what they wanted most in life rather they should look forward and try to replace failures with success. If we ever get demotivated and detracted,we should look at those people who are in a more miserable condition than ours. So, we would ultimately thank God for all the blessings, He has showered upon us.

Plant trees

“Plant treed and save environment”

Environmental change is real and there is no denying it. In some parts of the world the change in environment is drastic but what’s more drastic is the ignorance of the people there.

Pakistan is one of such countries, where people are filled with ignorance when it comes to saving environment.

I still remember last year, when I was giving lecture on topic of “Man and his environment” and during the lecture I passed comments on the environment of my home town Lahore being destroyed. Year 2016 was one of the hottest years in last two decades, when temperature during the summer reached 49+ °C on a day. After my comments, one of the student in class (A haffiz,e,Quran with beared) said that this planet is made for us and not the other way around. His comments shook me to tell core. As a teacher I had to explain him the severity of the environmental situation and also of his ignorance about the planet that is a gift of God to us. I explained how we are disrespecting this precious gift.

With alarming levels of pollution in Lahore city, it becomes difficult to breath in certain area. People with little or no awareness at all, burn their house wastes including plastics and organics.

Today, as I was passing through cannal road in Lahore, I saw multiple banners along the road stating importance of planting trees. This was a govt. Initiative under the ministry of forestry. I stopped at a side, just to take a picture of one of these banners. Just seeing this gave me a surge of joy. At last, someone started some good work in protection of environment.

This gave me motivation to start an environment protection campaign/efforts at however small level I can. This is the only planet we have, let’s not spoil it.

Challenge your brain everyday

“we always overestimate what we can do in short time and we always underestimate what we can accomplish on a larger time scale”

This is true for most of us. Our brain always trick us in believing that we can do a lot more in shorter time period than we can actually pull off. This is a sort of stress releasing mechanism built into our brain unconsciously.

This is one of the reasons we procrastinate on anything that is actually important in our lives but requires us to go outside our comfort zone. But the real growth demands that we do things that challenge us. Doing things that are new to us, put our brain with a challenging situation, changing the way we think and act. This provides us with opportunity to learn and make better decisions.

Be a friend

We all face pain caused by failures, loss of a loved one, break ups or some accident. Pain changes people in one way or another. For some, it makes them tougher, while for others it simply corrupts them.

How pain will transform a man depends on what he is made of!

If a man has a stronger sense of morality or good people to guide him to a better path, he can stay true to his course. Otherwise, people stray to a darker path. But whenever someone is facing difficult times for any reason, having someone to share your feelings is a blessing.

Having a friend to share all your troubles and feelings and being able to shed tears while doing so, helps a lot. So, whenever we can, we should try to be that friend to someone rather than always expecting that from others.

Business of beggers

This is Qasim. A young boy with cute smile and dirty clothes, wandering in the streets of Lahore, selling tissues for living instead of studying in a school. I met him today but couldn’t hear his full story as I was in rush to get bus.

He reminded me of a similar boy I met the night before. He was selling “Paras of Quran”, i.e. chapters of Quran. My mind kept comparing those two the whole time I was in bus.

In Pakistan, every city is filled with beggers. The moment you stop at a signal on road or go to a park or some market for shopping, you will find beggers everywhere. Now one of their ways to beg is by acting to sell something. Like tissues and “Paras of Quran” etc.

Now, what’s the difference between these two cases. When someone pays him for a packet of tissue, he charges double than it’s actual price and many a time the person paying will end up taking a packet.

But most of the time when a person pays to a person with “Paras of Quran”, they don’t take one with them. Why? Because, mostly people have a Quran at home and an eQuran in their smartphones. Further, people believe that carrying the sacred book or it’s chapters with them would be disrespectful in someway.

So, in this way, the boy pretending to sell “Paras of Quran” would never have to give away one and he can always keep acting and get money, while the boy selling tissues would be empty soon and would have to purchase more tissues sooner or later. Excellent strategy, isn’t it?

Now similar condition can be observed on macro level in Pakistan. Our so called political leaders, beg for money by the name of aid and in turn pretend to serve their agendas on one hand and public of Pakistan on the other.

The only way to change this situation is by changing at larger scale. I believe only education can do that. I hope that education sector in Pakistan would perform better in future.

Everyday brings new hope. Hope for good things to come to you.

But it also carries high chances for disappointments. In fact, each day is a blend of both good and bad happenings.

What matters the most is where do we choose to focus. If only we focus on tiny positive things in every day, we can actually live a positive life.